Ben Salder, Managing Director, Leaning the Way

  • Ben Salder is an inspirational Lean, change management and organisational development leader with over 20 years’ experience.

    In 2016, Ben has been named in both the Lean Management Journal’s “Lean Top 25” for practitioners globally who have demonstrated excellence in Lean through improved productivity, performance, process flow, or culture in their organisation and also in “The Manufacturer’s Top 100” as an “Inspiring Leader” within the manufacturing community. 

    Ben comes from a Production Management background in Blue Chip organisations such as PepsiCo, Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK and BAE Systems.

    He has led multiple Lean transformations, supported conflicting organisations to collaborate successfully, and been the change management lead & change management advisor on significant ERP implementations.

    As a thought leader within Change Management he has developed a coaching led, practical change model which brings about real employee led transformation.

    He combines this practical leadership experience with his extensive knowledge of Lean, Change Management and Organisation Development in an exceptionally engaging and inspirational way to support organisations through significant transformations.

    Ben is also a guest Lecturer at Warwick University where he speaks on Lean Leadership and Leadership Coaching.


  • Managing the change for end users involved in a “Big Bang” ERP implementation. The technical and process implementation often becomes the focus of ERP projects, even when the initial intent was to bring about business change.  The importance of engaging with the business and gaining real buy in from those who will be operating the new ERP environment can be considered secondary to achieving project deadlines around the system design and implementation thus leading to a business which is not bought into the change and therefore not mobilised in time to maximise the potential that ERP can bring.  Here we will look at the lessons learnt from the change programme of a major ERP implementation.