John Haslam, Senior Consultant, ERP Advice Centre Ltd


Name:  John Haslam, MBA

Job title:  Senior Consultant

Company: ERP Advice Centre


  • John Haslam has a BA in Arabic and Portuguese, an MBA and the Certificate of the Market Research Society. He works as a Senior Consultant for the ERP Advice Centre Ltd, a specialist consultancy set up in 2003 and purely focused on manufacturing companies looking to choose a new business application software, commonly called ERP.

    The ERP Advice Centre uses the Specmaster ERP analysis tool, a very efficient and effective method of analysing the business needs of a company. This provides detailed specifications which can then be used in any demonstrations and discussions with potential ERP software vendors.

    Past manufacturing clients include the following:

    Vehicle conversions, audio equipment, toothbrushes, paint manufacturers, sail manufacturers, mobile phone accessories, wallpaper manufacturers, office furniture, chocolate manufacturers, test instruments, veterinary products, wire drawers, composite materials, pumps, air-conditioning equipment, car seats, chillers, valves, surgical robots, burners, promotional items, architectural cladding, pharmaceutical glassware, surgical blades, furniture components, pharmaceuticals, brake manufacturers, spices, pasta manufacturers, decorative lighting, bath-ware, buoyancy aids, roller blind mechanisms, automotive parts, medical devices, metal alloys, non-woven textiles, laser cutting, small turned parts, potentiometers, washrooms, screw pumps, nuclear controls, electric motors, yachts, meat processors. adhesives, warehouse signage, portable buildings, nuclear fabrications, bakery products, gaming machines, plastering accessories, boiled sweets, timber fencing, fertilizers, broadcast equipment, industrial lighting, portable buildings, wear-parts, steel processors, flags, kitchen work-tops, pharmaceutical polymers, house builders  etc.

  • In spite of the necessity for an ERP system, money talks!

    Finance will ultimately be the deciding factor in whether a project goes ahead and the depth at which it’s implemented.

    As such, providing key decision makers with the right information and presenting the need for change is a vital factor in seeing a project kick off. 

    This workshop will outline the decisive questions and the right course of action to be pursued when justifying the spend on a new ERP system and it’s continuing maintenance.