Zog Gibbens, Enterprise Architect for Analytics & Data, Global Brands IT, Walgreens Boots Alliance

  • An experienced Architect/Designer responsible for Architecture, Design & Development for Analytical & Business Intelligence Systems, previously specialising in Hadoop, Oracle and Cloud deliveries; driven by the positive impact for the customer and business in providing more reliable, robust and flexible solutions.

    I really believe in identifying the value in a solution and build based on business value and return on investment. This involves ensuring you have the platforms in place to provide solutions at a realistic price without over complicating solutions resulting in escalating costs.

    Regular presenter at Oracle Developer, BI Developer, Data Warehouse, Data Visualisation and Apex Forums.

  • Or more long winded: Business Intelligence and Analytics: Overcoming Common Challenges and Pitfalls

    • Avoiding the 7 deadly sins of Business Intelligence: Understanding, support, data, overload, enjoyment, evolution and transparency
    • Understanding the task at hand: Problems, relevant data to support decisions, relevant KPI’s and the business objectives
    • Developing a consistent message and communicating value to secure buy-in from leadership support
    • Remaining transparent throughout the project and communicate change: Estimates, costs and ability to deliver